Amazing adventures on the horizon!

WRP is thrilled to announce the latest trip updates for summer and fall 2017!  Due to some seasonal logistics, we had to re-arrange our Oaxaca, Mexico trip to the fall.  So, we thought hey, why not add some local trips since we live in the Mountain Biking MECCA of Colorado!?  And the best part of moving our Oaxaca trip to the fall?  We're going to combine our MTB adventure with the cultural festival of Dia de los Muertos!  And PS... we're starting to work with partners in Colombia, South America to get Medellin on the books winter 2018!

Newly featured Molas Pass to Durango, Colorado trip announcement!

Have you ever wanted to go on a back-country mountain bike trip but lacked the motivation to organize the logistics of shuttles, planning meals, and hauling all of your camping gear on your bike?  Well look no further because we did it all for you!  Our 4 1/2 day Mountain Bike and Yoga trips are sure to provide you with an unforgettable summer back-country adventure of a lifetime!  We will cover 74 miles of incredible single track riding through the impressive high country of the beautiful San Juan Mountains from the top of Molas Pass right into Durango, CO!  All meals will be prepared for you and your gear will be transported from camp to camp allowing you to ride light and enjoy the long days pedaling through the most beautiful part of Colorado having fun with your new friends, and admiring the breathtaking views.  To start and finish our days, we will treat our bodies to Yoga and Mindfulness practices with daily themes focusing on self-love, awareness, empowerment, gratitude, and embodying your greatness!  The morning yoga classes will awaken your body with a Vinyassa style practice to get you ready for the big miles on your bike while the afternoon yoga classes will nourish your body with more restorative poses.  Each practice will close with a mindfulness exercise to quiet your mind, connect with yourself and to the astounding beauty that surrounds you.  

Updated Oaxaca, Mexico trip information!

From high country Colorado paradise, we move to Southern Mexico's remote and magical high country of the Sierra Norte located 2 hours from the beautiful city of Oaxaca!  This trip has a nice balance of 'no frills backcountry style' to the comforts in the city of the Chicatana Bed and Breakfast located a few blocks from the central.  For the MTB segment, we will go to explore Los Pueblos Mancomunados which consist of 8 Zapotec villages.  Each village is connected by single track and double track roads.  We will be fortunate to ride through five villages staying in cabins in-between, dining at the community restaurants, and practicing yoga every morning and evening in a place of such pristine beauty and a simplistic way of life away from our modern comforts.  Upon our return we will be immersed into one of the greatest celebrations of the year in Mexico, "El dia de los Muertos!" (The day of the dead) The festivities, colors, parades, dancing, and tradition of this celebration will be an experience you will never forget!  Over the next few days we will explore the Ruins of Monte Alban, the petrified waterfall and natural mineral springs at Hierve el Agua, the weavers of Teotitlan de Valle, and the markets and world renowed food and restaurants of Oaxaca! Check out the itinerary on our website for the details to each attraction and activity!  After our day excursions we will be able to enjoy the festivities of Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead!) and visit the cemetaries to see the vigils of loved ones who have passed and see how families honor the dead and welcome offerings in loving memory and celebration.  There are a few discotecas that play the latin beats of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, and Reggatone so if you are in the mood to get your groove on, we at WRP are always up for a night of dancing!

Full itineraries of both trips are posted on the website with contact information and registration!  Come adventure with us!

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