Goddess yoga


Unleash Yourself 2.0: Release & Reset is designed as a Transformational embodiment experience to help people feel more empowered, and connected (to self, body, heart & others) to be able to release energetic blocks and open up to a sense of wholeness JUST.AS.YOU.ARE; imperfectly perfect and right on time; as a human growing, evolving, and transforming; one breath at a time! (take out the what it's about and who it's for)

These workshops are for women who are feeling:
  • Disconnected

  • Burnout

  • Afraid to express themselves freely

  • Uninspired

  • Bored of their routine or just BLAH!

  • Curious & Inspired to try something NEW!

A powerful workshop that unites women TOGETHER in a safe space of community and sisterhood in order to rise stronger and more connected to oneself & others!

How does the magic happen?
2 powerful healing modalities:


The Goddess Yoga

The Goddess Yoga is a practice that breaks all the rules. It’s a combination of Yoga/dance fusion, belly dance-inspired sacred sensual movement that honors the feminine. It’s flowy, circular, fun & freeing as HELL! We live in a 'masculine dominant' energetic system. This practice is for both men and women to open up to the feminine energies we ALL embody in order to create balance from the constant pressure to DO, ACHIEVE, PUSH, GO GO GO! Opening up to the feminine practice allows one to drop into the energy of RECEIVING, SURRENDER, CREATIVITY & FLOW.


Breath Is Prayer

Breath Is Prayer Ceremony Conscious Breathwork (Rebirthing lineage)

Breathwork is one of the most powerful somatic healing modalities I’ve discovered personally and I’m thrilled to share this practice that helps one connect to their deepest self, clear out stored emotions & open up to one’s truth, connect to the divine within and without and to open to the infinite possibilities in every moment!

What you can expect from these workshops

These workshops are designed to help you feel a deeper sense of connection, community, liberation, freedom, authentic expression and PERMISSION; to be ALL you! Wild, messy, primal, HUMAN; imperfectly perfect just as you are!

Unleash Yourself Workshop signup options:

  • PAST EVENT - Sunday, August 6th: Goddess Yoga at Sweaty Buddha, Durango, CO 7:30-8:30 pm

  • PAST EVENT - Saturday September 10th, 2022: Pause Yoga Studio, Durango, CO

  • PAST EVENT - Saturday September 17th, 2022: TruSolace Studio, Sandy, UT

  • PAST EVENT - Saturday November 26th, 2022: Yoga Olas, Salida, CO

  • Sunday, August 6th: Goddess Yoga at Sweaty Buddha, Durango, CO 7:30-8:30 pm

  • Friday, August 11th Release & Reset at Sanctuary Somatics, Gunnison, CO 6-8:30 pm (full workshop experience Goddess Yoga & Breathwork)

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