All of our adventures are designed to help travelers connect to adventure, to nature, to themselves, to others, to culture & traditions and the world outside of the daily grind. In addition to building connections, we incorporate ways to give back. A portion of all of our trip proceeds goes to support Project Bike Love Lachatao, Oaxaca to continue supporting this project of bike love, connection & service.


We have a whole new motivation for offering our adventures to these lands we love so deeply: Project Bike Love Lachatao, Oaxaca!


In January 2022, we launched this project of bike love and our intention is to continue fueling this project through our offerings! Adventuring to Oaxaca with us is one way to get involved, to support and connect with the beneficiaries of this Project! Thanks to the Project Bike Love Team and the generous donors, we were able to make some magic happen!

MTB Oaxaca

Adventure | Connection | Culture | Service

Do you dream of an adventure abroad that entails exploring new horizons, mountains and singletrack with like minded people looking to build deeper connections, have fun exploring together and giving back to the communities where we adventure to and through? If this sounds like your jam + some good TLC through Yoga & breathwork, read on!


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