Available starting January 2022! (Open to Co-Ed!)

Private & Custom Adventure Trips

MTB and/or Hiking, Yoga + Conscious Breathwork & Cultural Trips to Oaxaca, Mexico, Sacred Valley Peru & Antigua/Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Have a group of friends and an occasion to celebrate? Ready to get out of the daily grind & get out into the world? Whatever the occasion, we've got an adventure awaiting you and the passion and professional craft to create an unforgettable experience and memories for a lifetime along with the potential to transform your life!


Our uniquely designed adventures give the traveler a nice contrast between authentic ‘no frills’ (backcountry MTB/Hiking/Cultural experience) to the comfortable luxaries of the cities of Oaxaca, Antigua & Cuscu. They are truly culturally diverse adventures & experiences that bring travelers into the heart of the land, community and diverse cultures of the locals and Indigenous Villages & traditions. If you are looking for an authentic experience away from the resorts of these 3 beautiful Latin countries and an adventure away from the traditional all inclusive luxury resort, we are thrilled to offer you an exciting and unforgettable adventure to explore the roads less traveled throughout the countries of Mexico, Guatemala & Peru!


Minimum/Maximum group size: 4-8 people


Minimum/Maximum number of days: 5-7


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Embark on a powerful journey outside of your daily routine and comfort zone to explore new horizons within and outside of yourself on a journey that will help you connect deeply to yourself, to other like minded spirits, far away lands and ancient cultures. All of our Holistic Healing Journeys will offer you a chance to disconnect from the world that you know and discover new perspectives, insights, and experiences that have the potential to open your heart, mind and soul in a whole new way while being in a safe supportive space. In addition to the power of somatic & holistic healing of mind, body & spirit, you will be guided through nature to reconnect to the harmony, simplicity, fun and beauty of life without the day to day obligations, responsibilities and stresses.

Hidden Incan Treasure: Sacred Valley Peru

If you are ready for a journey filled with pure wonder and the potential for transformation from the ‘inside out’, an adventure that can stretch your personal boundaries & comfort zone while opening your heart, mind, and spirit to new possibilities & insights while connecting deeply to your own self, other like minded souls, and another world of Peruvian culture and ancient indigenous Incan wisdom, then this is the trip designed for your wild & adventurous soul!



The natural beauty and magical allure of the special desert oasis in Sedona, AZ with its Verde River and Coconino National Forest make for this destination to be a truly magical, restorative & healing experience! With the energy, vortexes, and breath taking beauty coupled with an Intentionally designed Somatic Healing experience and integration, you will return home from this experience recharged, rebalanced and in deep connection to your authentic self & on the path to living life in your fullest expression! Sedona is steeped in ley lines and shamanic history. The call of the wild brings to it a diverse and thriving multicultural society laced with an undeniable mystical energy amongst the backdrop of Red Rock and expansive blue skies.


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