Sacred & Soulful Travel Disconnect to Reconnect

Embark on a powerful journey outside of your daily routine and comfort zone to explore new horizons within and outside of yourself on a journey that will help you connect deeply to yourself, divinity within & without, to other like minded spirits, far away lands and ancient cultures. All of our Holistic Healing Journeys will offer you a chance to disconnect from the world that you know and discover new perspectives, insights, and experiences that have the potential to open your heart, mind and soul in a whole new way while being in a safe supportive space. In addition to the power of somatic & holistic healing of mind, body & spirit, you will be guided through nature to reconnect to the harmony, simplicity, fun and beauty of life without the day to day obligations, responsibilities and stresses.

What our Holistic Healing retreat offers:

*Daily Gentle Morning Yoga Practice

*Breath Is Prayer Conscious Breathwork 

*Indigenous Healing Temazcal

*Adventures in nature

*Cultural Offerings & Connection

*Connection to self, others & other cultures of the world

Healing force

What else can you expect on a journey with us?

  • Improve Your Well-being
  • Let go of stress 
  • Release stored emotions & trauma. 
  • New Perspective & insight on yourself, your life and challenges
  • Potential to make Lasting Changes
  • Remember who you are
  • Return to your truth & wholeness
  • Bring Out the Best in You
  • Return to balance, simplicity & harmony
  • Experience life outside of your comfort zone
  • Child-like sense of wonder & fun!
  • Adventure in nature
  • Learn how to become your own healer & medicine
  • Empower yourself and become your own guru
  • Rich Cultural Experience
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Discover the Zapotec Magic: Oaxaca, Mexico

Split between the colonial city of Oaxaca and the magical mountains of the Sierra Norte in the village of Lachatao, you will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and luxury of the city and the serenity of the mountains where you step back into time immersed in village life. Lachatao means “Sacred Heart” and when you arrive to this enchanted village, you will discover the essence of that meaning from the sweetness of the children & community, the simplicity and beauty of this hidden gem nestled in the mountains of Oaxaca that still embraces and embodies their Indigenous Zapotec culture, traditions and language.

Trip highlights

Daily Yoga | Daily Conscious Breathwork & Connection to Self | Adventure in nature | Cultural Experiences

*Cultural City Bike Tour 

*Cooking Class

*Mezcal Tour & Tasting

*Markets of Oaxaca!

*Teotitlan de Valle Weaving Tour

*Hiking in the Sierra Norte: Cerro del Jaguar Spiritual Grounds

*Indigenous Zapotec Temazcal Ceremony

Day 1: Arrival, Settling In & Welcome! (PM Yoga & Conscious Breathwork Ceremony)

Day 2: Breakfast at Cosecha Organic Market & Cultural City Bike Tour (AM Yoga & Conscious Breathwork Ceremony)

Day 3: Journey to Village of Lachatao (means Sacred Heart), hike & night in cabins! (PM Yoga & Conscious Breathwork Ceremony)

Day 4: Hike to Cerro del Jaguar + Temazcal (AM Yoga & Conscious Breathwork Ceremony)

Day 5: Breakfast in Lachatao + PM Teotitlan del valle weaving tour (AM Yoga & Conscious Breathwork Ceremony)

Day 6: Morning Yoga & Conscious Breathwork Ceremony, City Exploration & afternoon Cooking Class & Mezcal Tasting!

Day 7: Departure

Transformational Holistic Healing Trip Value:



  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Guided Tours & Services
  • Daily Yoga & Conscious Breathwork Journeys & Integration
  • Transport
  • International Flight
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for tours & classes


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