All of our adventures are designed to help travelers connect to adventure, to nature, to themselves, to others, to culture & traditions and the world outside of the daily grind. In addition to building connections, we incorporate ways to give back. A portion of all of our trip proceeds goes to support Project Bike Love Lachatao, Oaxaca to continue supporting this project of bike love, connection & service.


We have a whole new motivation for offering our adventures to these lands we love so deeply: Project Bike Love Lachatao, Oaxaca!


In January 2022, we launched this project of bike love and our intention is to continue fueling this project through our offerings! Adventuring to Oaxaca with us is one way to get involved, to support and connect with the beneficiaries of this Project! Thanks to the Project Bike Love Team and the generous donors, we were able to make some magic happen!

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Would you like to be a part of an empowering project that is working to bridge the gap between tourists and locals by helping the local kids and communities access the sport of mountain biking by providing bikes, maintenance & skills? 
Join Coyote Aventuras, Two Wheel Epix, Womens Radical Pursuits & Project Bike Love to support the communities of Lachatao & Ixtepeji in Oaxaca, Mexico to fuel the fires and spread the bike Love!


To empower communities throughout the villages of the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca and beyond through 2 wheels, the seat of a bike & building cross-cultural connections to bring our communities together to increase equality, inclusion and accessibility for all to join the sport and fun of mountain biking.


We are a team and community of brands who are passionate about mountain biking, travel, adventure, connecting & empowering kids and communities all over the world; one bike & pedal stroke at a time

The Indigenous communities outside of Oaxaca, Mexico form the backbone of a world renowned mountain bike tourism industry. However, due to mountain biking’s high barriers to

enter, the hosts have been left out of the industry that depends on them. We thought it was time to change that.

This is the start of a long-term relationship with the communities of Ixtepeji and Lachatao that benefits both traveler and host. This project will give locals the opportunity to experience the positivity and empowerment that riding a bike can bring to one’s life. In addition, kids and adults that desire to become guides someday will have the opportunity to develop skills to stay in their communities to work as MTB guides for eco-tourism & adventure companies.

In collaboration with the Indigenous communities we’ve launched two initiatives thus far. January 2022, we delivered 16 mountain bikes to the kids in the community of Lachatao, Oaxaca + MTB foundational skills and safety workshops. A year later inJanuary 2023, we broke ground and built a progressive bike park in Ixtepeji and delivered 85 mountain bikes to the kids and adults of that community.

This project lays the groundwork for sustainable adventure tourism and empowers

local stakeholders by creating jobs and giving them the resources to be part of the mountain

biking community. Biking can eliminate barriers and create a platform that will connect both traveler and local. This is the first proposal by an outside organization the community has accepted in over 70 years.

What we are seeking

Our projects have grown and now it is time to collaborate. We are looking for both long-term partners in this endeavor as well as donors & sponsors to help keep these programs alive by offering skills workshops, maintenance and community bike support!

learn about our partnership tiers

Reach out to Tony Martin at [email protected]

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Find out other ways to contribute

To contribute in other ways or to volunteer contact Amy Schweim.

Our commitment

We are committed to working together to develop sustainable mountain bike communities across the globe. Whaddya say, help us change lives through the seat of a bike and two wheels?

To read more and learn about these projects visit:

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Thank you for your consideration to support or send good vibes to keep spreading the Bike Love!

The PBL Team Oaxaca ~ XXX