Oaxaca Lifetime Adventure

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Full Payment

Payment of $1,895 ($100 off for full one time payment)

Private Breathwork ($200)

(2 hour session online or in person)

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Are you curious to learn more and experience the transformational power of breathwork? Whether you’re new to breathwork or not, this is a unique and powerful opportunity to receive Amy’s individual guidance as you learn about the power of the breath.


Amy will offer you an in-depth explanation of why breathwork is so impactful, and how it translates into your day-to-day life.You’ll learn about conditioning and the impact it has on how we breathe (contraction and constriction) and how to undo the conditioning as well as, where it comes from.


Amy will offer more information about the power of breath and how to use your very own breath to help you throughout your life. You’ll also be able to attend any breathwork experience beyond this session and have a deeper understanding of what’s happening for you as well as how to give yourself more permission to deepen the experience and journey.


You’ll receive an hour of breathwork, tips on how to integrate and then receive guidance on how to really take the medicine of the journey and work with it on an ongoing basis throughout your life.

Ignite Your Passions, Explore Your Purpose ($188)

(2 hour session online or in person)

Do you feel stuck and as though you are lacking a sense of purpose?

Are you feeling lost, scattered or disconnected? Like you are living on auto-pilot? Or perhaps you feel like there is something more to life that you’d like to open up to and explore?

Join Amy as she walks you through the steps to get unstuck while uncovering your own truth. In addition, you will learn how to give yourself permission to live fully aligned to your own unique desires.

You will also learn how to go beyond the unconscious conditioning and emotional patterns that are keeping you stuck and uncover more truthful answers to your life’s questions and purpose.

You will discover what’s important and what’s not to living a purpose-filled life, on your own terms! Ultimately, you’ll uncover the steps you need to take that honor your authenticity and unique expression!

These steps are effective, simple daily steps that will energize the top five things you’d like to accomplish in your life. They are both easy as well as practical and will lead you to greater self-awareness and feeling more empowered.

Ignite Your Passions Explore Your Purpose

Unleash Yourself Workshops


A Transformational embodiment experience to help women feel more empowered, to overcome fear & to express yourself in your most radiant, authentic & sensual way! A fusion of yoga, dance & breath.

In state AZ : $55
Out of state: $111

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