“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”  

Nelson Mandela

It’s not always roses and sunshine, but to anyone who has a dream that rests passionately in your heart, my whole hearted advice is “FOLLOW IT.” With one shot at life as we know it, make it count and don’t be afraid to create the life that makes you come alive. Nobody will do it for you nor does anyone else know what pulls your heart strings. My only words of caution are that you will be faced with lessons of patience, humility, steep learning curves and fear. On the flip side, you will feel excitement, passion, thrill, empowerment, and pride for having the courage to go against the odds. 

In practicing vulnerability and authenticity, I am in the midst of it all. Year two of blazing my own trail by creating Womens Radical Pursuits, I continue to embark on one of the most exciting & challenges journeys I have created thus far. Early on, I heard about hitting this point of challenge from other business owners when I first set out on this path and thought, “That won’t happen because this is going to work, period.” I was confident, filled with full conviction that what I was creating would unfold seamlessly and I would make it, quick. And now, three years later after planting the seed, I recall a few of those conversations with fellow business owners who cautioned me thinking, “Ah yes, this is what they were talking about…” 

Almost all beginning stages of anything new are filled with exhilaration, optimism, fun and a feeling of invincibility. After time goes by, the newness fades and reality starts to paint a picture with different shades and hues. I feel the true test of strength is during these times. In no matter what we are creating; a business, relationship, move, etc. The in-between stage that tests one's tenacity, decision making, and courage to keep moving forward despite the unknown and uncertain. 

Thankfully, there are silver linings to all challenges and it is our job to identify them and make decisions to move forward or let it rest. As I embrace the struggles of this venture to follow my dream, I see a bigger picture and purpose 

that Womens Radical Pursuits has gifted me. It has and continues to be one of my greatest teachers with daily lessons in patience, being gentle on myself, forcing me to face fears, learning to trust the process and how to develop resilience. This venture has taught me to recognize my patterns of showing up when I fall short (tough self-criticism) and how to practice compassion towards myself. Upon creation, I have worn all the hats behind the business thinking I could do it all. That alone has humbled me and I have had to learn the practice of reaching out and asking for help. (not my strength) We each have our own unique talents and I have humbly learned those which aren't mine and those which are! 

Of the greatest gifts this endeavor has taught me is to dig deep, find courage, and keep going even when the path isn't clear or the outcome secure. Never did I anticipate Womens Radical Pursuits to be the teacher of some of my greatest life lessons. 

Even though the road isn't a cake walk, I still encourage you to follow your dreams! There is never the “perfect time” and if you wait too long, the day you try may never come. Go all in and keep an open mind. It might turn into something entirely different and at best, one of your greatest teachers! 

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