Inspire and empower women to experience conscious growth and transformation through connection to self, others, spirit and the world, so they can live with more passion, joy and purpose. 


Incorporate Adventures in Nature, Yoga, and Cultural Exploration to provide EPIC & Empowering Adventures of a lifetime for women in Mexico and South America giving back to the communities we visit.



Yoga & Mountain Biking are the Yin & Yang; the means to push and challenge oneself both internally and externally. Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and into foreign lands challenges, broadens, and transforms, allowing us to see the world and ourselves in a new light. Through Intentional Leadership, Inspirational Guidance, and Breakthrough Guidance, we transform lives. 


I had an awakening. I wasn’t getting any younger, I wasn’t invincible after all, and I was pretty miserable in my career. I decided I better start living a life I was happy to live. The 20+ years of practicing MTB/YOGA/& TRAVEL had transformed my life and I knew others could be transformed as well. I put my passions together, took the leap of faith, and Womens Radical Pursuits was created.


We love to help women expand their global awareness, create connections to self, other like-minded women, spirit and the communities and cultures we adventure through, to inspire awareness and transformation.


To the countries and communities that have opened their doors, space, knowledge and hearts. And to every woman who has adventured and shared an experience with us. Ready to embark on a Life Changing Journey? Join us! 

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