Why Womens Radical Pursuits? 

Hitting the near mid-life mark has really made me step back and ask the big questions..."Am I really living the life I want?  Am I truly loving?  Am I really mattering and making a difference in the world?  Last summer, 2016, I started working with a life coach who opened up my eyes to a completely different way of seeing the world and how I can craft and create my dreams and do so "outside of the box", tailoring it to what brings out a thrilling sense of excitement, passion and drive to contribute to the world in a way that resonates with what I value and feel to be an important part of life;  inspiration, exploration, and connection. I've always been drawn to stories of inspiration, quotes, people and leaders who have brought positive change to the world, and helping children and people of all ages.  My own personal inspiration comes from the lifestyle I have created living in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I live to adventure in the mountains; riding mountain bikes, skiing, running trails, kayaking rivers, and climbing peaks are of the means of exploration I find to light me up.  With of course Mountain Biking being my top choice! I also love traveling to Latin countries and experiencing different culture, language, dancing, customs and scenery.  And most recently, Yoga has become a daily part of my life that has helped me create a sense of peace, stillness, acceptance and added presence.  So I took my top three activities that light me up and put them together to create my career and mission to help empower women to find that spark through epic adventures. WRP incorporates inspiration, exploration and connection into all trips through combining Mountain Biking, Traveling to Latin Countries, and Yoga;  all of which have positively impacted and changed my life!
If you want more to this story and what specific life challenge drove me to transform my life, go to my blog titled, "Life is what you make it."  www.womensradicalpursuits.com

Women Radical Pursuits