Amy Schweim

Little did I know, Radical Pursuits began 4 years ago when I went on my own personal journey of awakening and self-discovery through travel, adventure and transformation.  Like many, it took something big to move me and wake me up to my life, my true self, my passions and ultimately, my purpose for being here on this planet. The catylst for my life change was the ending of a significant relationship.  I can whole-heartedly thank the man who set me free to find my deepest passions in life.  I look back and see a girl who was lost and unsure of herself trying to fit with the wrong puzzle piece.  Just short of 3 years, we closed our chapter together.  The loss of this love broke me for a while.  However, without that experience, I would not have embarked on a path that has opened me up to my true, authentic and unique self.

The adventure piece of my healing came three months after my loss.  I packed up my life and moved to Colombia, South America where I resided for two years teaching in an International School on the Northern Carribean Coast in the city of Santa Marta.  That... was the beginning of my new life. Traveling is one of the best ways to get to know yourself.  And moving to a foreign country alone, is even better.  Because of that experience, I was given an opportunity to start over and fall in love with life again.  Colomiba lit up my soul like nothing before.  I traveled solo through the country adventuring and meeting people from all over the world.  I climbed mountains in the Andes, kayaked the rivers around San Gil, surfed the Carribean Coast, mountain biked through the Sierra Nevadas,  learned to free dive in Cinto Bay, attended a yoga retreat in Tayrona National Park, stayed in Indigenous villages, danced Salsa until the sun came up and learned to speak Spanish.  I found an awakened passion for travel, latin culture and exploring new places.  Two years after Colombia, I spent 5 months living in Oaxaca, Mexico studying, working and exploring the Sierra Juarez Mountains.  Oaxaca will be the first International mountain bike destination for Womens Radical Pursuits. 

I created Womens Radical Pursuits with the desire and passion to help support women through their desire for change, personal development and inspiration through travel adventure trips that also incorporate a mindfulness practice into their daily life.  I am passionate to help empower other women take a leap of faith. dream big, follow your passion and have fun!  Life is what you make it and anything is possible.

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