This one goes to every woman who has ever struggled with her self-worth, her body, or her potential.  

My greatest wish for all you women is that you are able to create the ability to cultivate a healthy body and a nourishing mental outlook, and to discover your value and worth, as well as the immense beauty that lives inside of you…

In this time of social media, advertising, and photoshopped ads, it’s hard not to compare yourself to ads that seem to scream, “You’re not good enough.”  Not skinny enough, fit enough, pretty enough, intelligent enough, or whatever other way your mind interprets these messages that come at us daily.  It’s almost impossible not to feel like you should look better or you should feel better, regardless of your strength and resilience.  

Facebook and Instagram provide a platform for connection, networking, advertising, and staying in touch with loved ones far away which is wonderful.  But they can also be a trigger to send your mind into places of comparison and feeling like everyone’s life is perfect, except yours and mine.  I believe comparison to be one of the greatest ‘joy killers’ out there.  And also; pointless.  There is no other you or me out there; rock who you are because you are a unique gift to the world with so much to offer.  Embrace your beauty and allow others to shine theirs without sizing yourself up.  

I found myself for many years disliking my body, trying to maintain a certain shape and size and image.  Do I still catch myself in this state from time to time?  Yes.  It is almost inevitable as a woman in our culture.  I used to think that a man wouldn’t love me if I was overweight or I would be judged by others.  I placed my self-worth and value in the way I looked and equated that to love.  And wow, what a bunch of BS and suffering that is!  I now know that the beauty of ‘my essence’ is what truly matters.  

As I approach 40 I notice a difference in how my body holds itself.  There is a new ‘softness’ to it and it reflects the inner changes within as well.  Some days I want to fight it but always stop and look at myself knowing that there is great beauty within and that is the true beauty that counts.  There is such a greater purpose for our presence.  Sure it feels good to be in shape, strong, and healthy but bodies change and fluctuate.  To be dependent on a certain way or shape will cause a lot of dissatisfaction, pain, and suffering.  So how bout we just get over it and celebrate our bodies for what they allow us to do?  Let us love, nurture, and fuel them with healthy food and a lifestyle that supports holistic health.

There have also been times in my life where I have been so hard on myself.  One of my occasional challenges is this little voice that whispers, ‘you’re not enough’ of whatever I find myself doing.  I realize this is one of my most limiting beliefs.   The starting of my business has challenged me with it but every time it comes up, I fiercely prove my ego wrong.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of doing 1 thing every day to bring me closer to my goal and dream.  Other days, I kickass doing 10 or 20.  But every day is another chance to become better and closer to freedom from the limits of my ego.  It has been a dance of human-ness, courage, and unstoppable passion.

One of the greatest beauties of Womens Radical Pursuits is my intention and mission to help women break through their limiting beliefs, find their truth, embody greatness, and live an inspired life.  That has been my journey over the past years and I feel inspired to share my story of how I have done the work and to help others do the same.  It’s funny, I thought at the beginning of this, I needed to be ‘perfect’ and have everything figured out in my life.  And the best advice my life coach gave me was that being perfect wouldn’t allow that space for authentic connection, vulnerability, and someone who has ‘been there’ with their own struggles, faced them, grown, and come out the other side with the right tools to face life when it gets hard. 

Life is never going to be perfect even if all of our biggest dreams come true.  Life is just like that.  It ebbs and flows.  But as long as we can strive to be our best selves and become a better person every day; that is what matters in the end. 

We are imperfectly perfect and whole with our imperfections, quirks, and human-ness.  No matter who says how you’re suppose to be, look, or how to live your life; stay true to you just as you are.  Simply beautiful. 

Women Radical Pursuits