New Year, New You!

Join Womens Radical Pursuits for a Powerful 30 day journey for any woman ready to step into 2021 & RISE STRONGER from the chaos & heartbreaks in life & love as we leave behind 2020 and embrace this powerful NEW YEAR!

If you are ready to step into 2021 with more clarity, confidence, courage, compassion and calm in order to live your life filled with passion, purpose, joy and a deep connection to yourSELF and what matters most to YOU, well then, it's a no-brainer ~JOIN US!

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    • Powerful 4 week Program with guided homework (approximately 1 hr/week)

    • Unlimited Voxer coaching support M-F with certified Yoga Teacher & Life Coach Amy Schweim

    • Private Community & Sacred Space with other women participating

    • 2 Yoga Classes

    • 2 Conscious Breathwork Session (Live or Recorded) by Amy Schweim

    Contact Amy Schweim @womensradicalpursuits if you would like more information, to schedule a FREE call, or to SIGN UP!

    90 Day Radical New You Journey

    Ready to embark on the ultimate Blueprint to BADASSERY, self love and home to your unique truth, purpose, and deepest joy?

    I will teach you how to stop sabotaging yourself so that you can start enjoying the precious life you already have and inspire you to dream big in this world and to focus your attention on what matters to YOU.

    From LIMITED to LIMITLESS, my custom designed Radical New You Program & Blueprint to BADASS will awaken you to reprogram your mind to BELIEVE in yourself again and become WHOLE.

    Custom Trips for 2021

    Join us in Oaxaca in 2021 for your own custom trip starting in Feb 2021!

    Trips incorporate a daily morning Mindfulness/Yoga Practice and with a choice of hiking or mountain biking for the activity plus cultural activities: cooking, art, dancing, cultural city bike tour, temazcal ceremony.

    Already have a crew of RAD Mountain Bike Shredders and dates in mind? Don’t have the time to put together the logistics for an EPIC International MTB Trip? Seeking an adventure of a lifetime with unforgettable memories of filled with sweet singletrack and cultural exploration.

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    "I’m so thankful the Universe brought Amy to my life!  I started working with Amy when I was feeling somewhat lost, and the work I did with her ended up being the light I needed to navigate the dark.

    Amy helped me see my circumstances as an opportunity to learn, grow, and move forward with grace and compassion for myself.  She helped me discover my gifts, own my values, and dive into creating the life I want to live.  After each coaching session with Amy, I walk away feeling aligned with my true priorities and confident in what I am able to accomplish now in order to get where I want to be in the future.  

    Amy’s coaching style is empowering, accessible and supportive. She leads by example and has an incredibly ability to make people feel seen and loved through every step of their journey. 

    To know Amy is to love her, but to work with her is truly a magic-making experience." 

    ~Happy Radical New You Client!


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