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More About Amy's Story



Most people know me as owner of Womens Radical Pursuits Adventure Guide & Inspirational Leader and lover of Latin America. But I’m also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Conscious Breathwork Facilitator, Life Coach, and Whole-hearted Spirit Junkie.


My story is unique, diverse, and one filled with adversity as I’m sure yours is too. 


I have a wild spirit and have lived around the world in six different countries which has shaped my life to this day. I overcame and humbly survived great challenges involving addictions, eating/exercise disorders, co-dependency, emotional trauma & abuse and brutal heartache.


But here’s the thing I’ve learned about adversity and chaos: Hard times help us realize that we can take on ANYTHING.


They help us build resilience. They humble us. They build our muscle to fight, to try again, to rise like a phoenix and fly.


Our stories look different I’m sure, but I’d be willing to bet that you faced your fair share of challenges too.


Some made you stronger, solidifying your purpose… while others may have caused you to doubt everything you thought was true. But no matter what you’ve been through, one thing I know is that with each struggle, we can either become stronger or break. We can be pushed away from our purpose or become ever more connected to it.


We can turn our pain into purpose...


And that’s exactly why I created my RADICAL NEW YOU JOURNEY ~ Return to Love. Because whether we’re talking about life’s BIG, challenging moments or the smaller stuff that tends to wear on us over time, I KNOW firsthand that we ALL have what it takes to thrive in the midst of them and RISE STRONGER from what tries to break us.


Today, I’m offering you the opportunity to join me for a 9 week journey of heart-centered guidance that will shift your perspective, help you focus on what matters most to you, teach you Radical Self Love, embody the BADASS you ALREADY are, and discover your passions & purpose while empowering you to show up and live your life to its fullest every damn day. 


Whaddya say? Ready to get started?


Radical New You Journey ~ Return to Love

It’s time to finally start....




How you wonder?


Through embodied transformation to return to love, awaken the deeper truth of who you are and discover true fulfillment and purpose while connecting to the divinity within & without; surrendering to a greater force of love.


If you are ready to release stored emotions, blocks and emotional trauma so that you can create more confidence, compassion, courage and self-love, read on sister!


Guided Conscious Breathwork is the most powerful tool you will ever find to discover this emotional freedom and empowerment.


Combined with the Radical New You Journey, you will embark on an experience that has the power to radically transform your life in ways you didn't know was possible; from the inside out! (The change that LASTS!)

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Through Conscious Breathwork Journeys, Amy will take you through a powerful guided experience to support you in creating change from the 'inside out.' This is a journey in somatic experience healing & embodied transformation.

You will be guided to gain clarity regarding what holds you back and what you deeply desire along with the truths you need to embody, the direction in which to proceed, and how to build courage, confidence, compassion and calm in order to surrender to a greater divine path awaiting you. 


Over time, and through guidance using a variety of methodologies to navigate challenges that come up as well as surrendering to divine guidance, you will embody the essence of the transformation needed to breakthrough your blocks. You will also discover the tools to continue the process of shifting from the inside out. Ultimately, you will show up to life in a WHOLE new way; connected to something deeper within & without.


From my own story and struggles, I'm inspired to help women 'wake up', breakthrough their emotional blocks, live more consciously, connect to the divine and return to deep love for self, others, the planet and LIFE itself while gaining confidence, clarity, courage, compassion & calm.


I will guide you how to stop sabotaging yourself so that you can start enjoying the precious life you already have and inspire you to dream big in this world and to focus your attention on what matters most to YOU.

From LIMITED to LIMITLESS, my custom designed Radical New You Blueprint + Conscious Breathwork will awaken you to reprogram your mind to BELIEVE in yourself again and re-discover your WHOLENESS, love & light within.

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Let’s get real....

The Radical New You Journey will help you:

  • Learn how to surrender to the divine within & without

  • Create space to breathe again

  • Deeply connect to yourSELF

  • Craft a new empowering belief system

  • Overcome Overwhelm & return to your wholeness

  • Develop Radical Self Love

  • Gain Confidence & Courage

  • Balance your Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Awaken your life force energy & full potential

  • Intentionally choose what matters most

  • Recapture the present moment

  • Deepen your trust in something greater

  • Lower your stress

  • Establish Hope, Inspiration, and Excitement

  • Focus on what you want to create

  • Be more present & grateful

  • See the beauty all around you

  • Celebrate your life!

  • Embody your BADDASSERY!


Contribute to life in a positive, unique & meaningful way 

This is for you if you are ready to:

●   Wake up hopeful & passionate rather than anxious, fearful and hopeless

●   Make progress in the things that matter rather than feel like another day just passed you by

●   Create deep, meaningful relationships rather than settle with surface level relationships

●  Truly enjoy the life you already have rather than want to escape your life for a month

If this sounds like what your soul is needing, contact me to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call for program options and all the details.

Payment plans available for all & scholarships available. Contact to apply!

About Amy

Amy Schweim is a certified Yoga, Conscious Breathwork Facilitator & Self Love Coach. She is inspired to help women return to love; for self, others & life.  Amy helps women honor their journey, reclaim their power, and rise to new levels of conscious living without the intense cycles of depression, anxiety and endless self-sabotage using Conscious Breathwork & her Radical New You Blueprint so they can LEAN IN to all of what life offers while discovering deep unconditional love, confidence, courage, compassion, calm and empowered living.

Herself having overcome low self worth, anxiety, depression, disordered eating & exercise, and an Autoimmune disease over the course of her life, Amy followed her dream to further her knowledge to inspire and empower others to deeply heal on all levels; mind, body & spirit. After hitting her own rock bottom she made a promise, "Dear Universe, if I get back up, I vow to help other women rise too."

She did. So can you.... 

Through Coaching Services, Conscious Breathwork and leading Transformational Adventures in Mexico through Womens Radical Pursuits International Trips, Amy helps women embody deep self love, discover joy & purpose in their lives, and breakthrough the BS that holds them back so they can finally start living their days feeling fully alive, inspired, confident and on purpose; the way you were meant to live on this earth!

With the uniquely designed Radical New You Blueprint and Conscious Breathwork,  you will be led through a journey that will help you to honor & respect the 'storms' of your own life, reclaim your power, and become whole again by amplifying your life and embodying your most authentic YOU!

Amy has a BS in Education, Certification in Yoga, Conscious Breathwork, & Life Coaching. She owns & operates Womens Radical Pursuits and has lived and worked in five different countries around the world both teaching children and adults in International Education, Yoga, Mindfulness & Transformational Travel. She has a wild spirit and lives for adventure, expansion, connection and exploring the world through travel while helping other women inspired to live life with their souls on fire too!

To follow more of Amy’s work visit her at her WEBSITE HERE. You can also find her hanging out on Instagram & Facebook @womensradicalpursuits.


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