So what the heck does RADICAL even mean?  There are a few webster definitions that suffice, but honestly, for me the word RAD stuck as a dearly adored ex-boyfriend used it whenever we were skiing, white-water rafting, climbing, or mountain biking.  In my early days learning these sports, it was always a word that referred to some adrenaline packed fun as hell sport I was doing!  On top of that meaning, I’ve crafted my own interpretations of RADICAL since creating my business and I will offer some explanations to how they pertain to Womens Radical Pursuits.



1. Very different from the usual or traditional; extreme.

Ex:  My personal life to a T…. Extremely untraditional!  Following suit of my style, WRP trips combine the yings and yangs of adventures!  We combine the yang of mountain biking with yin of yoga, along with the topic of women’s empowerment, cross-cultural outreach, and creating meaningful connections.  We know that challenge equals growth so we lead trips in the mountains which then allows mother-nature and the physical exertion of mountain biking to test ones limits!  Traveling to a foreign country is another great way to test the comfort zone and see what comes up.  Both of these environments give one the opportunity to be challenged physically and mentally through mind, body, and spirit.  Often it is during ‘Radical’ experiences like this that we ‘wake up’ to life and see things differently. 

2. Favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions.

Ex: WRP focuses on helping women develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle; yoga, mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating habits, empowering oneself by finding truth, embodying greatness, and living an inspired life!

3. Advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs.

Ex: (International Trips) Since Trumps presidency and the extreme changes to the political climate, WRP focuses on building bridges with our southern neighbors by developing personal relations, supporting eco-toursim and local economy, cross-cultural outreach, and acceptance of diversity and differences.  There is also a great emphasis on women's empowerment during our trips to help support women rise up together, stay strong, and to continue embodying greatness and full-fill the dreams and purposes of our lives.  We also strive to create awareness and action to help protect the Wilderness and Forest lands.  We work to educate the importance of  Environmental Activism and to help instill respect for the natural resources and wild lands that are the greatest treasure and resource to us all!

4. Excellent, cool, wicked, kickass!

Ex:  WRP trips!  Anything that lights you up inside and makes you come alive!

So there ya go, that’s our definition of the word ‘Radical ‘ and why we chose to make it part of our Brand!  Get out there and do something RAD today and well; you might as well make doing something RADICAL an EVERYDAY goal!

Women Radical Pursuits