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Are you seeking transformation? Are you wanting to uplevel your life and spiritual path to allow for more clarity, confidence and connection? Are you starting to experience physical, emotional, or mental symptoms from living in a place of fear, stress, and/or feeling stuck?


Radical New You 90 Day Coaching Program

Are you ready for the ultimate journey to transformation? Together we will dive deep into what limits you and reprogram those false beliefs into ones of empowerment so that you can gain clarity, courage and confidence to live in alignment again with what brings YOU a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment. 


ULTIMATE Radical New You 90 Day Coaching Program

Coaching Program & 1:1 PLUS Akashic Records Reading, Conscious Breathwork Session with Gwen Payne & 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformational Superfood Cleanse


Take the 90 Day Program and GO DEEPER on all levels; MIND, BODY & SPIRIT! This is the ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH Option! Once you are enrolled in the program and payments are made in full, you are able to move forward to schedule your 2 outside sessions with these amazing healing practitioners. In addition, I will help you get the 30 day superfood cleanse ordered and started within the first week so you are able to start healing, cleansing, and detoxing your body on a cellular level as you move through this transformational program!


For additional support in gaining clarity you will receive a session with Spiritual Healer Jenn Roe’s Akashic Record Reading and clearing. As a soul realignment certified practitioner, Jenn provides these readings and clearings as a profound way to discover who you truly are at a soul level and what blocks and restrictions have been preventing you from moving forward in your life. You are the creator of your universe and if you aspire to be in alignment with what is true for you, then it is time for you to access your records! After your initial reading, she will provide you with clearing tools to remove those soul level obstacles that have been preventing you from moving forward. I can speak to this experience and it is TOTALLY WORTH the journey! 


For additional support in releasing resistance, healing trauma, and breaking through patterns and suffering that you are ready to release, you will receive a breathwork session with Gwen Payne.


Breathwork is a pathway towards reclaiming yourself. But years of stress, toxic environments, and abuse can affect our breathing patterns, making them shallow and less nourishing. The result is pain, fatigue, a loss of passion, and feelings of being disconnected and unsure. It’s time to come home. 


Breath as Prayer opens the door to your inner world, welcoming you to a place you may have forgotten. Breathing intentionally, with the purpose of increasing oxygen in your body and connecting the energy around you, can literally change your life. You can learn truths (and untruths) about yourself, heal trauma, ease physical pain, and experience an energy you’ve never known. And you’ll learn the true meaning of prayer as it flows through you.


With Gwen’s guidance, you’ll enter a safe, welcoming space where you can practice breathwork techniques and breathwork meditations that will transform your thoughts and perspective. You’ll be guided to remain present in each moment and listen to your inner voice. This session will move you deeper into the abundance of love, insight, and vitality that awaits once you break through the fear, pain, and blockages holding you back.

30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Superfoods Cleanse

Are you ready for more energy, improved mood, better sleep and deeper nourishment? Would you like to build lean muscle, lose weight, experience hormonal balance or relief from chronic pain & digestive issues?

Then the best place to start is with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation! Contact for weekly Coaching support option while embarking on the cleanse.

For $100 off this program use coupon code womensradicalpursuits. For all other products, use this code for $50 off. 



30 day program for ‘littles’ and their families to strengthen Mindset & Emotional Regulation Skills through a variety of simple tools, techniques, and activities. Parents can help their children ages 3-6 foster these empowerment skills at an early age. 4 weekly emails that contain a quick and easy daily AM/PM routine with skills for children to learn and practice. Program Skills include: How to build a Winning Mindset, Positive Self Talk, Emotional Regulation Techniques, Non-Violent Communication, Breathing Exercises for calming, Kids Yoga Power Poses and BONUS for parents: Prompts to help couples connect on a deeper level.

21 Day Self-Love Challenge: Coming Soon!

Daily emails filled with juicy self-love practices that will help you honor the goddess within you! Each day you will receive one practice and each day will be different to keep you on your toes with variety! Wondering what to expect? Journal Prompts, Yoga Practices, Mindfulness Techniques, and more feel good raise your vibe kind of goods!


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