We get so used to living the way we do.  We grow up being shaped by our parents, teachers, friends, family members and society's 'norms' and fall into jobs, marriages, relationships, lifestyles, and hobbies and get comfortable with our habits, ways, routines, and way of life without batting an eye.  

And then for some, we kind of have this little 'wake' up and start asking the questions when feeling nudged by a little desire for something more or a change or that 'something' that you just can't put your finger on.  

For me that 'something' started around age 34 and kept tugging at my heart strings.  I wasn't clear on just what it was, but I knew there was something bigger coming that I desired for my life.   The start of a new path for me began when I moved to Colombia, South America for a year and a half.  That experience, enhanced and changed my life; for the better.  

The Catalyst for my 'shift'...

It took the meeting of one person who inspired me to break the ceiling of my mind, see a completely different world, identify what I truly wanted, dream up a different dream of reality, and create the life I longed for. 

In the spring of 2016, I met a man who essentially, changed my life. Somehow, he surprisingly convinced me into taking his class titled “How To Make Money Online.”  I liked the idea of his schpeal but was really skeptical of the class (thanks to my limiting beliefs) and frankly, had zero interest.  However, with his convincing persistence and enthusiasm, I finally surrendered to the $70 class fee and 2 hours; which, unknowingly at the time, would change my life. He became my life coach and ended up guiding me to ‘break the ceiling’ of my limiting beliefs and start to get ‘big’ in life and really find my path and purpose.

I remember sitting in the class being mesmerized by this guys energy and full-throttle passion to make shit happen!  His story inspired me and when he spoke about his work that he loved and his lifestyle of traveling and working on beaches; I couldn’t zone out and watch the minutes tick by on my watch like I thought I would be doing.  This guy had figured something out that I had never heard of.  Work smarter, not harder.  Less hours is more.  Financial freedom equals being able to have time to do the things you love to do and to contribute to the world.  And with the right passion, anything is possible.  When you follow your bliss, the universe starts opening doors that you never knew were there.  And well, now I can say first hand; it’s true. 

Over the course of those 2 hours, ideas starting pouring out of my brain and I instantly began to start thinking differently than I ever had before.  It literally felt like he took a sledge hammer to the box in my brain that contained the story of needing an 8 to 5 job with good enough pay and benefits.  I started focusing on my interests, passions, and what I would really love to do and not identifying it with a job out there.  That I could actually create my own job and I could paint it into the picture of whatever I wanted!

After the course, I was so ampted that I stayed after to talk with him.  He sensed my enthusiasm and saw the spark in my eyes to really do this.  Little did I know throughout the class, he had been a life coach and when he told me that, it was a no brainer.  I wanted to work with this guy. Because of my limited financial resources we made a quirky little agreement:  1 hour Salsa sessions so he could practice his moves in trade for 1 hour meetings and guidance on how to amp up my life and create my dream job and path to finanacial freedom.  Sometimes you just have to be creative to make it happen and there’s always a way.  It’s just a matter of, “How bad do you want it?” 

There were so many ‘life lessons’ that led up to my shift that fit so perfectly with my mission and vision to help empower and be a guide for other women that may be struggling with the same struggles I battled.  I felt a strong desire to create something that I could give back and help other women while providing a kickass adventure!  I didn’t have a strong support when I went through the hardship of what changed me.  Now in hindsight, I wish I would have honestly extended myself and sought out the support, inspiration, and comradery of women that surround us when we open up and ask for it.  The reality is that we all go through hardships in life.  To own up to our struggles and ask for support can feel scary, but it is that vulnerability that opens the door to connection and what brings us closer to the light within ourselves and others around us. 

One year after working with my life coach, I have created my dream job and completely changed the path of my life.  I made a commitment to walk away from jobs and people that were draining me and start putting my energy into work that lights me up and the amazing people that support me and add positivity to my life. 

And ironically, exactly one year after meeting my life coach, I am in the works of attaining my own certification to becoming a life coach.  My coach helped me change my life and now; I want to be that one person who helps inspires other women to open up to life, break limiting beliefs, find ones truth, embody greatness, and live an inspired life. 

So, if you have that 'pull' on your heart strings or that feeling for a little something more, I highly recommend seeking a life coach!  It's worth a shot anyway!  Worked for me...

and things I was doing that were getting in the way of my potential, but I didn’t know what to do with it or how to change it or really, that there was another way! 

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