Incorporate Mountain Biking, Yoga, and Cultural Exploration to provide EPIC and empowering adventures of a lifetime in Latin America while giving back to the communities we adventure to and through.



We love to help women expand their global awareness, create connections to self, other like-minded women, and the communities and cultures we adventure through, to inspire awareness and transformation.

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To the countries and communities that have opened their doors, space, knowledge and hearts. And to every woman who has adventured and shared an experience with us. Ready to embark on a Life Changing Journey? Join us! 


Our adventures give travellers the opportunity to immerse themselves in new cultures and countries. From mountain biking to yoga, our tours are packed with adventure spanning across Mexico & South America, and offer unique and diverse experiences. 


As well as culture-rich experience, you can rest assured that from your travels, less privileged girls will be benefitting too. Womens Radical Pursuits contributes a portion of each trip's cost to local organizations that reside in the places where we venture to. These organizations support women and girls through education, micro-finance, and other resources that empower women to generate income, increase opportunity, achieve success, and improve quality of life.





I whole-heartedly believe that everything happens in divine timing and you’ve found me for a reason.

It’s time to ditch living with anxiety, worry, depression, uncertainty, limiting beliefs and negative thinking and SHIFT to a state of peace, ease, confidence, possibility, positivity and THRIVE rather than just SURVIVE

We are all here on this Earth for a purpose.


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Janelle Stewart

Durango, Colorado

No matter what your situation in life, take the leap of faith as you will return a different person. Bribe your mother in law or hire that babysitter to care for your kids even if that includes a sitter for your partner. In my case, I hired a dog sitter. Sell your material goods (my "radical" personal move in order to join the trip) in exchange for a spiritual, emotional, and physical experience. Whatever your reason for not going, find a solution, and go anyway! My life changed radically.  My soul reset. A fire ignited and I was reminded of my true passions. Just go!

Gretchen Konrady

Durango, Colorado

I had a truly wonderful time on the Oaxaca 2018 trip! I was motivated by the mountain biking, my true-love sport of over 25 years, and Dia de los Muertos. It was my first trip to Mexico. So many other things over and above those special events were such incredible bonuses for me: the food, ideal style yoga (and I never do yoga!), lodging, stunning day trip to Hierve del Agua, shopping, Mezcal production places, and the new friendships with fun, friendly women on the trip. And Amy is one of the warmest, most genuinely kind people you could ever meet. She’s so culturally knowledgeable and for sure fluent in Spanish, and she is a superbly skilled mountain biker, yet quite humble. She constantly checks in with her trip companions to make sure we are doing well emotionally and physically etc. etc. so that we make the most of our rides and other activities!


Oaxaca, Mexico and Dia de los Muertos

I'm grateful for the experience and would do it all over again. If you thrive on adventure, like to ride varying terrain, experience different cultures, are open to practicing yoga and mindfulness, I would highly recommend traveling with Women's Radical Pursuits. Amy is well-traveled, experienced, knowledgeable, proficient in Spanish, patient, kind, and can shred! You will not regret it, it's worth it. Do it!

Kebrina Vinglas

Bozeman, Montana

"Amy is amazing! I recently went on her trip to Peru and it proved itself an adventure of a lifetime. Amy is a fun and inspirational guide and she quickly became a friend. She is an incredible mountain biker and led us in the most amazing yoga sessions. We were able to watch the sun rise over the Andes in our morning yoga sessions and feel the sun's warmth as it filled the studio. The accommodations were incredible, as well. We had views of the Andes in every direction, the rooms were comfortable, and the food was amazing: organic, local, and full of flavor. The trails offered a bit of everything: breathtaking views, amazing and buffed out single track, rocky descents, drops, pastoral scenery, high alpine vistas, climbing up beyond the treeline, and riding along the ancient Incan trail complete with ruins. I couldn't have asked for a more incredible trip. I'll definitely travel with Amy again."

Lindsay Records

Boulder, Colorado

"Women's Radical Pursuits trip to Peru was a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with amazing people, rugged single track, and beautiful places. The trip was very well organized and Amy thought of everything to have a complete experience with gourmet food, a trip to Machu Picchu, and lodging in an amazing location. The bike riding was phenomenal and we were able to explore huge valleys at high altitude. I would go on this trip or any other with Amy in a heartbeat."

Laura Corder

Durango, Colorado

"Amy is such an inspiration and will undoubtedly leave an imprint on your heart like she did mine! I was fortunate to be a part of the Perú maiden voyage trip in 2018. This trip will change you. Like any trip Amy offers, you will come back a better version of yourself and gratitude will be abundant. If adventure is calling you, with Women’s Radical Pursuits you must go! Go. Right now."



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